It’s not fun to think about, but when you’re driving an RV, you’re driving a potentially dangerous vehicle!  

A malfunction with the propane and/or gas in your RV could have disastrous results if you don’t follow protocol.  To help you stay safe, here are some propane tips to consider.

1. Shut Off All Appliances

Take the time to shut off all appliances when you stop to refuel.  When running, your stove, refrigerator, water heater, etc. could have pilot lights that if on, could come into contact with the gas/propane fumes.  This contact may set off an explosion that can injure or kill everyone in the RV or in the immediate area. While doing this can be a pain, always make sure to do this!

2. Check for Propane and/or Gas Leaks

When you’re walking around your RV or doing your regular maintenance, check for propane and/or gas leaks.  We recommend you test this at least once a year with a professional to ensure that the RV is safe.  Schedule this test when you get the rest of your work done.

3. Smell Gas/Propane?

If you happen to smell gas or propane, do not take the chance and turn on electrical appliances.  If you’re not familiar with the smell of propane, it often smells like sewer gas or even rotting flesh. Evacuate your RV if you smell any noxious odors and get it checked out.  If you ignore the smell and use the electrical equipment, it could set off an explosion!

There are plenty of disaster stories out there of people who ignored the safety tips and warning signs of propane and/or gas.  Be smart and take the time to have your RV routinely checked.  Don’t ignore telling odors or think they’re coming from somewhere else!  Always use caution – your RV and family will thank you!