Eating well while on the road is always a challenge. When you’re in an RV, you have the benefit of being able to cook for yourself while you’re away from home. When you’re making your grocery list and packing up your food for the next big RV adventure, here are some tips to make sure your food is safe, and your family fed well.

What to eat on

When planning your meals, avoid purchasing anything that comes packaged in glass. If you can’t find a plastic or cardboard alternative, make sure you have a safe way to store it. The first thing many RVers notice is how much things move around as you’re driving. Dishes, cups, food, and anything else not tightly secured have come flying out of cupboards more times than a person can count! As with your food supplies, purchase some inexpensive plastic dishware and cups, mugs, and whatever else you might need. These are a cleaner alternative to paper plates and will last longer if you have more trips planned for the future.

Don’t let it spoil

Another important consideration to make is how quickly food will spoil. While your driving, the fridge isn’t running. If you plan to set up camp and stay hooked up for several days, go ahead and load up the refrigerator. But if you’ll be traveling around, either pack a cooler to transfer cold items to or pack foods that have a long shelf life. There’s always small grocers and farmers markets to discover along the way to replenish your favorite foods. You can even make it a game and grocery store hop for various items!

Easy Meals

Maybe the most important thing to consider is your cooking space. While you do have a kitchen, it’s small, cramped, and is most likely lacking some of the items you need to cook like you usually do. Quick meals such as tacos are still delicious and take minimal time and clean up. Plan your meals to fit into your RV kitchen or you’ll end up wishing you had!

Some conveniences and staple meals may need to be put on hold when you’re RVing. But with proper meal planning and thoughtful shopping, you’ll eat just as well on the road as you do at home.