The Reverse Snowbird – Keeping Cool in the Heat

To have the most comfortable Hot Weather Vacation, you have to adjust for the heat. Here’s a few Hot Weather RV Tips.





Test your AC Unit before Hitting the Road

Let’s face it, a bouncing house on wheels can have an effect on things. Make sure you do a little Yamping (yard camping) to make sure the AC unit is working properly.


Roof Vent Insulation

This is an inexpensive investment that pays off big time. It’s basically a pillow; some even have foil on one side.
They are made to fit the roof vent in your ceiling. You would be amazed at the amount of heat they keep out on a hot summer day.




Using the AC

Close all the windows and vents. Think of your RV with the AC on as a large refrigerator. Open the door, and cold air spills out.  When you are coming in and out of your RV, make sure you shut the door as fast as possible. For some larger RVs, you’ll have to plan ahead and make sure you have a 50 amp hookup to run multiple units.

Block the Solar Heat

The first step is parking in the shade. Keep in mind the sun moves throughout the day, and you may want to position yourself, so the afternoon sun doesn’t directly hit the RV. Even if you are in the shade, keeping the shades down in your RV helps. Another simple tip that makes a HUGE difference is to put cardboard between the glass and the shades.

Fans are your Friend

Lack of airflow is a mood killer. Using tower fans to blow air directly on you is a great way to cool off. Blowing air directly on your body will make you feel cooler, and still air will seem hotter. Additionally, because it’s warm in the day and cooler at night, you can use fans to blow out warm air in the evenings and then draw cold air in at night.



Cleaning Your AC Filter

To improve your AC units, efficiency keeps the filters clean. In most cases, you can wash the filters with warm soapy water.

Head to The Lake/Ocean

This is always going to be the best decision because camping on the water is pretty much unbeatable. If you’ve always wanted waterfront property, this is the way to go, and if you don’t like your neighbors, just move! That’s a common joke among the RV Community, but in reality, RVers are like-minded people who are looking to enjoy themselves. That means they’re friendly, helpful, and enjoyable to be around.