More and more people, both young and old, are taking to the RV lifestyle.  Some are part time RVers, while others are shucking their bindings and going for it full time.  If you’ve been thinking about joining the RVers exploring the nation, here are some benefits to living in an RV versus the traditional home.

1.       Less Chores!

When you’re living in an RV, you no longer have yard work to worry about.  Unless you have a deep love of gardening, this is a huge benefit for many of us.  You can enjoy the pristine lawns and landscaping of the RV park, without doing any of the work.  On the inside of the RV, there’s a lot less to clean than in a house.  Cleaning could take a mere 30 minutes instead of the hours you’re used to spending.  What will you do with all that free time?!

2. Follow the Sun


One of the greatest parts about living in an RV is the mobility and freedom you gain.  Hate the cold weather?  Follow the sun south when the cold months hit!  No more do you have to endure the worst weather of the year, hiding out in the house.  Now you can enjoy sunshine year-round, moving as the sun does.  If you’re on the other end of the spectrum looking for the best skiing out there, follow the storms and hit the powder!

3. Less Possessions


Ditch your things and experience life!  The money you’ll save from buying items to make your house comfortable can be spent experiencing the best the country has to offer.  With less items, you’ll feel freer and not tied down to one location.  Get out there and make memories!  

4. Visit Family Regularly


If you’re loved ones are spread out, travel is expensive and difficult to do.  But if you’re living in an RV, traveling to see your parents, your kids, aunts, uncles, etc., is easy!  You’re driving anyway.  Why not drive to them?  And you’ll be the best guest with your own place to stay.

5. Meet More People


If you’re constantly on the move, or even if you settle down somewhere for a few months before leaving town, you’ll be in a position to meet more people than you would if you lived in the same place year-round.  Make new friends, develop new relationships.  This can help in both career and life.  Great friends make the perfect excuse to visit new places!